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Picture this: you're sitting around the dinner table, laughing your heart out, and bam..someone starts telling one of those unforgettable stories. You know the ones, right? With each retelling, they get even better – a little extra flair, a sprinkle of excitement, mostly truths. ;)

These stories do something special to us. They sneak their way into our hearts and build deep connections, bonds that are unbreakable, friends for life moments. They have us gathered around, feeling closer than ever, and grinning like crazy whenever they cross our minds. These stories, YOUR stories, have this incredible power to bring people together and leave them with that warm, fuzzy feeling that just never fades. THAT feeling, friends, is the one we want to help you create when you hire us as your visual voice.

Letting you shine as your true selves – that's our goal! We're all for genuine connections and capturing moments that truly represent who you are as a family, couple, musician, or business.

Your time and investment with us is not just another photoshoot or video session – it's a celebration of togetherness with your loved ones, expressing your authentic musical personality, and showing potential clients you truly care about your work & their trust through REAL DEAL images & video. So, our approach is to be present with you, taking it step by step, weaving together a story that is completely yours and one-of-a-kind!

love & stuff,
elizabeth & matty


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Brand storytelling photography is an expressive approach to visually communicate a brand's narrative, personality, and values. Our images help facilitate authentic connections with audiences, deepening brand loyalty and leaving a lasting impression.


$4399-1199 packages

Wedding storytelling is an artful approach to capturing the essence of a couple's special day. Instead of merely documenting poses, we focus on telling a narrative that unfolds naturally throughout the wedding. We capture genuine moments.



Family storytelling goes beyond capturing just posed portraits. We focus on documenting genuine and candid moments within a family while weaving together a narrative that reflects their unique story and connections.


$499-$299 packages

Combining posed portraits, candid shots, and our collective creativity, we capture the essence of a musician's personality, passion, and musical expressions by giving fans and supporters an intimate glimpse into your magical, musical world.


Why should I hire a professional photographer or videographer?

1. Let's approach this from a personal place for us...Matty's parents have both passed & Elizabeth's dad has passed. We don't have many photos of these loved ones and wish every single day that we did! By hiring a professional, you ensure that every family member can actually be IN your portraits and film.
2. Just like you have worked for years perfecting your job skills, we have too. We know the ins and outs of all the knobs and buttons on our cameras, we know how to place you in the most flattering light, poses, settings. We understand the exposure triangle and how ISO, aperture, and shutter speed go hand in hand to create a properly exposed and focused image. If all this sounds like gibberish to you that's okay. We've got this! Visual storytelling is truly our passion and we love to share that with others as often as we can. I know it's hard to trust strangers, so let's just be friends now, okay?!

Do you travel?

We'd love nothing more! New scenery is so inspiring, and fuels our creativity every single time. We're passport ready to go wherever life takes you. Travel fees do apply just to cover our costs, but we keep those as minimal as possible because we just love adventure!

How long will our session take?

We offer full sessions (around 1 hour) and mini sessions (around 30 minutes) so you can choose what works best for your specific need. Weddings are always the exception. We offer 8, 6, and 2 hour options to accommodate full day elaborate events and very small, intimate elopements.

Can I bring my pet(s) to our session?

PLEASE!! If you know us at all, you know we are THE BIGGEST animal fans you will ever meet. We have a 16 year old runt Min Pin/Terrier mix baby named Emmylou, a 9 year old calico & somehow tortie at the same time cat named Kotche, a 4 year old chonky (yes, chonky, not just regular chunky) boy cat named Lomo, and a 1 year old St. Berdoodle boy named Ozzy. Yes, our life is a crazy train. Yes, we love every minute of it! Needless to say, can we pet your dog?!

Fun fact: if you check out our YouTube vlog, you can watch us literally find as rescue Lomo. It happened while we were filming! He just melts our hearts!

Do you back up and secure your files?

1000% yes! All of our cameras have dual memory card slots, so we back up every single image and video as we capture it just in case of an equipment malfunction. After transferring files from cards to computers, we back each project up on external hard drives as well. We literally do every single thing we can to make sure your photos and videos are safe.

Can I have the raw files?

We have yet to be asked this question by a client, but know it's possible and common. The answer, for us, is no. And we really hate saying no to y'all! There are multiple reasons.
1. Unless you have a program like Photoshop or Lightroom (professional editing software) you won't even be able to open those files. That's why we finish them for you! :)
2. We do retain ownership of our intellectual property aka our art. While we don't mind our clients downloading, sharing, and printing (in fact we encourage that!), we have to protect ourselves and our business from our creative work being stolen, sold, or used without permission. Artists are commissioned, not purchased.

Do we need a second photographer for our wedding?

More perspectives, angles, and photos are never a bad thing! Large weddings (about 100+ guests) should definitely consider this option. Let us do the heavy lifting by trusting us to hire a second shooter. For an additional photography session fee (hourly rate) we will hire a competent professional with a similar style to our own so we are able to plan our day in advance as a team and your final gallery of images will be visually consistent.

Are you insured?

Why yes, we are! We belong to an organization called PPA (Professional Photographers of America) and hold equipment, data loss, and general liability policies.

What types of photography and videography do you offer?

We love storytelling and specialize in families, wedding, bands, and brands. That means mostly everything haha! Under the category of family we include maternity, lifestyle newborn, children's milestones, senior, and all the fun events in between. Our wedding category also includes engagements, elopements, and surprise proposals- we LOVE those! When we say bands, we actually mean any solo musician as well... it just sounded good listed next to brands lol. And brands...these are probably our most favorite if we HAD to choose. This can be a personal brand, business, company, corporation...etc. We offer everything from simple headshots to a full day of hair/makeup prep, behind the scenes video, photo session with multiple props and outfits, we even create graphic design elements to support your brands. Let's chat about your creative vision!

How do I book a session?

Just scroll to the top of this page and click, "contact." You'll be added to our VIP email list. We book seasonally and do not spam your email, don't worry. We can't stand that either! You'll get just a few emails a year from us when it's time to open our books for the next season. To snag one of our dates for yourself, just reply to the email with your preferred date(s) and we'll get you in the books! You'll get an email with a link to your proposal of services, contract, and deposit payment. As soon as your contract is signed and deposit paid, we will begin planning your session! You are also welcome to email us directly.
photography - elizabeth@simpsonography.com videography - matty@simpsonography.com

Can you help with wardrobe selection?

Yasssss! We love to shop and are more than happy to help you. We offer styling sessions upon request and have an accessory closet you're welcome to use at the studio if you need to add some extra fun elements to your outfit. We suggest coordinating colors but not matching each other exactly. This creates more visual interest. We do recommend no tiny prints or stripes. Sometimes they create a weird tv static looking pattern in camera. Feel free to check out our Pinterest board for some outfit inspo: https://www.pinterest.com/simpsonography/lets-play-dress-up

How long does it take to receive our finished project and how will it be delivered?

After your family, band, or brand photoshoots, we spend about 2 weeks per project editing & retouching. Your online gallery will be delivered via email and you can download and save your images from there. They're yours to keep forever! Videography for families, bands, and brands will be delivered via online gallery within 3-4 weeks. Expect about 4 weeks for wedding photography delivery. Wedding storytelling films take 4-6 weeks. (Most weddings just take a little longer- we're with you practically the whole day capturing every single moment.)

How many finished images will I get?

This answer depends on the length of your session. The more time we spend together, the more opportunities we have to capture the magic! Typically for every hour of photography, you can expect 50 images. So, let's spend some time together! :)

What's your cancellation/rescheduling policy?

We are VERY understanding and know that things come up, people get sick, weather doesn't always cooperate...etc. Just reach out as soon as you know you need to change our plans and we'll work it out. We try to reschedule as quickly as our schedules allow. If you need to cancel a session without rescheduling we do keep your deposit. It is non-refundable since we set that work day aside just for you. Our session fee deposit is only 20% of the total and we do not keep the other 80% if we haven't provided your photo/video service. We just don't feel right about that.

Do you shoot digital or film?

The vast majority of our work is digital, but we LOVE bringing along a film camera to take some additional images with a unique, nostalgic look that only film can provide. This option is available on request for a small additional cost.